The studio

There are many features that make a work experience at Crinale one of a kind:

The residential nature of the studio and its location outside urban areas, is ideal for keeping the group focused on the task, managing every hour and every available resource in the best possible way, while reducing extra expenses and downtime. All is culminated by the surrounding environment that acts as a stimulus and refreshment.
The variety of technical equipment - with a particular affinity for analogue and vintage - allows you to better modulate material and costs based on the individual project. This results in the production of a perfectly tailored product from the very simple provision of a PA for rehearsals and small live events, to the setting up of a full analog studio, with an analog desk and tape recorders, vintage instruments, and a wide range of effects at your disposal.
Our in-house team can make Crinale's material available to your band and technicians or, if necessary, can be your band and technicians. Our team is also able to take care of your backline or complement it with the many instruments available on the scene.

Catered to your needs until your project's completion.