The Crinale

Countryside as far as the eye can see, Crinale is located on the border between Romagna and Tuscany.
Characterised by vineyards, olive trees, pastures and woods, Crinale is less than ten minutes from both the Brisighella station and the historic center of Modigliana, yet distant from everything.

An old, renovated farmhouse with four different apartments, ten independent rooms and up to twenty-five sleeping accommodations.
The location also boasts dining rooms with kitchens, fireplaces, and barbecues in ancient stone.
One can also admire the natural terrace overlooking the first Tuscan hills, the Brisighella hills, the gullies that lead to Faenza (land of clay), and the Forlì plain further South, which continues along the Adriatic line.

A laboratory of over 250 square meters staged for each new custom-made project, its budget, and deadlines.
A studio and workspace that can be created and meticulously composed around the needs of the group, the sound engineer, producer, director, or choreographer.

Between sky and hill.