Vecc Burdel

Vince Vallicelli

Five years after the last recording project, Vince Vallicelli - musician and drummer from Romagna, one of the most important in the Italian music scene - returns to the scene with his third album sung entirely in the dialect.
After Com un can sota la lona in 2007 and La fevra in 2017, on 8 July 2022 the album Vecc Burdel is released with the artistic production of Crinale Lab.


Naddei - Sabrina Rocchi

Aspettando Romolo

Marongiu & I Sporcaccioni


Blake C.S. Franchetto

TIKTAALIK is the title of the debut solo project by Blake C. S. Franchetto, an English musician & composer of Italian and Ghanaian descent.

Parole Leggere

Martino Chieffo

The Lockdown Blues

Don Antonio, Nicola Peruch, Vince Vallicelli, Roberto Villa

This is a special record, for a special concert, recorded on a special day.

Tanta strada

Lorenzo Stanzani

Lorenzo Stanzani uses his camera to discover and follow a beautiful story about friendship, and overcoming your limits. The setting for the short film is the Emiliano-Romagnolo scenery.

Across Me

Free Event

Andrea Pelo Di Giorgio swam across the Adriatic to challenge his body and raise awareness on  the importance of respecting the environment.